Performance And The Gospel

The Gospel came as a result of our poor performance. That is the only relationship of The Good New’s to our performance (or personal responsibility). And that is why the news is good.


2 thoughts on “Performance And The Gospel

  1. We are also told to be holy. We obviously cannot do that in our own power, but we’re told to do it just the same. We’re also told not to sin. If we don’t struggle against sin, we’re like the world. Be different, not giving in to sin as if we have no hope.

    • Yes, we should strive to be sinless. What good reason is there for sin? Obviously, none. But, the only thing that The Good News has to do with our performance is that The Good News tells us how God dealt with our poor performance without destroying us. That is truly good news. In fact, I think that it is too good not to be true.

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