Incredible Claims Call For Incredible Evidence

Gwen Shamblin says that, roughly, everyone is missing the Christian boat and has been missing the Christian boat for centuries…except, of course, her. She is the lone leader of a remnant calling out to others with a lost or forgotten gospel. This is an incredible claim! It’s incredibleness, of course, doesn’t discount it. But what incredible evidence supports it?

Anytime God makes an incredible claim through one acting as His prophet, as a rule, He seems to support the incredibility of the prophet’s claim with some incredible miracle. Of course, no one needs an incredible miracle to support the claim that God has called us to avoid sin and do right. But this isn’t Gwen’s message is it? Her message is that everyone has gotten grace and The Gospel wrong but her.

Why should we believe you, Gwen? You can’t point us to the Bible to make your case. It’s on the side of those who understand grace as an undeserved gift. Got any miracles? No? Well, they wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway. Neither spectacular works nor even an angel from heaven should change our minds about our constant undeservedness of the gospel; but such miracles would certainly mitigate the embarrassment of your theological and exegetical errors.

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