A Prayer For Gwen Shamblin, Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Victims

Given that intellectual honesty, humility and rigor is neither what leads people into cults nor keeps them there, it’s important to remind ourselves that concerns over these matters is not what is going to lead people out. We are beings with complex motives and reasons for our actions. And, unfortunately, we aren’t always aware of all that is leading us to do what we do. So, today I will pray, with fasting, that God would show Gwen Shamblin the kindness that leads her to repentance and that He would also loose all the men and woman who are bewitched by her deceitful message.

“Christ Jesus, thank you for the grace in which we stand and the grace for which we hope. We recognize that our standing in this hope is not of ourselves but, rather, it is a gift from you. Thank you. Please continue your good work in us until the day of redemption.

Lord, we lift up to you Gwen Shamblin, Remnant Fellowship and the Weigh Down ministry. And we beg you to show Gwen the kindness that leads her to repentance. We pray that you would lead her to see that the gospel and our relationship to it genuinely is a gift from you and that, from beginning to end, we are not saved by anything that is from ourselves. Please, Lord, reveal to Gwen that there has only ever been one “false grace” church: it is the church that would teach people to think that it is something about us, respectively, that is deserving of your favor. What a lie! God, please, miraculously, show Gwen the kindness and mercy to lead her to repentance regarding this message and her ministry. Please reveal your mercy and power in her life and ministry.

Father, we also pray for the households that are being torn apart by Gwen Shamblin’s ministries. As wives seek to take charge of their faith and follow Gwen’s teachings, Lord, we pray that you would multiply grace, faith and steadfast love to their husbands, the spiritual heads of their families, to love their wives well and continue to lead their families well during this disruption of your ordained order. We pray also for the children caught in the web of these ministries that you would protect them from any so-called “gospel” that is not Jesus Christ, your Son. Please protect the children, Lord.

Also, Lord, please extend your grace and wisdom to the friends of all those men and women who are bewitched by Shamblin’s message. Please give them wisdom and an unfailing love to pursue and help bring back those who are being preyed upon.

Lord, we all need your help. We all need your power. And all we need your grace. Please do not withhold them nor your ear from us. Lord, please remove all that binds and blinds those who are being lead astray by Gwen Shamblin’s teachings.

In Jesus’s name we pray.”

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