Which Is It, Gwen Shamblin?

Does God grant to each a measure of faith or faithfulness, Gwen? “Faith” makes sense, here, but this would be contrary to your claim that “faithfulness” should be substituted for “faith.” However, the idea that God only grants proportions of faithfulness to each is contrary to your doctrine that we are saved through our taking personal responsibility in Christ. Does God not want maximal faithfulness out of all of those in Christ? Is some sin excusable if it lies outside of one’s faithfulness allotment? Any degree of faith is sufficient to warrant full obedience but any degree of faithfulness you pick doesn’t entail full obedience. Also, what is the relationship between someone’s being allotted some degree of faithfulness and their being faithful with respect to some action? Is this relationship causally determined? That is contrary to your doctrine of free will.

“What a web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”


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