How To Identify A “False Grace” Church

How can we tell which churches are, as Shamblin says, “false grace” churches? Well, in her radio show entitled, “Introduction to Saved By Faithfulness” (found under the “About Our Church” tab at as of the date of this post), she tells us how!

Shamblin says that everyone but her has gotten grace wrong, that we’ve all had the wool pulled over our eyes. She says that “grace” means the Spirit/Power given from God. And so, whenever we see “grace” in our Bibles, we can just substitute “grace” for its real meaning: “the Spirit/Power given by God.” What a gem of a test for who is getting grace right or wrong! Now, the problem that Shamblin may have overlooked in her simple test/application is that the Greek word that is often translated as “grace” is also translated several other ways depending upon context. And so, if you really want to know if “grace” means “the Spirit/Power given by God,” as Shamblin suggests, to properly apply her test we must find out which Greek word is being translated as “grace” and then see if her definition of grace fits within all those contexts. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.)

Look for yourself:

While I encourage you to go through each and every one of these translations to see if Shamblin’s definition of grace fits until you prove to yourself that she is the one who is building a “false grace” church, I will share with you one verse that you don’t want to miss: Romans 4:4, “Now to the one who works, his wage is not credited as a favor, but as what is due.”

That word that is translated as “favor,” here (NASB), is the same exact word that is translated as grace elsewhere. And not only is Shamblin’s definition an embarrassment here but also Paul is giving us some very clear context for what grace is and how we are to understand it: grace is contrary to a wage; a wage is earned and is rightfully due, however, if something is grace it is an unmerited or undeserved favor; it is a free gift. While, admittedly, Shamblin’s definition of grace can be substituted for various instances of “grace” while still preserving something that is meaningful, and while the spirit of God does comes to us as a free gift, Shamblin’s definition is an embarrassment when you perform the very test that she suggests. Substituting her definition for every instance of the word that gets translated as grace should only prove to you that she is getting grace wrong. Remnant Fellowship is a false grace church!

While Shamblin’s gospel, viz., that you are saved by the spirit/power of God through loving obedience is meaningful, it is false. On the contrary, you are saved by unmerited favor through believing the good news about Christ, not as a result of anything that you do but as a gift. Now, as Shamblin says in this recording, if someone is getting something this obvious wrong, then we must ask, “what else might she be getting wrong”? It shouldn’t matter. The gospel is the most important thing that we have and if she is blatantly getting the gospel wrong, despite all the right things that she may say, we must cast off the slave woman.


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