How Does It Go, Gwen Shamblin?

What’s supposed to be the good news about personal responsibility…in Christ, Gwen? šŸ¤” If there was personal responsibility before Christ (and there was), then what is so good about our personal responsibility’s continuance after Christ? Is the good news, Gwen, that once in Christ we can’t fail to do right?! Oh, it’s not? šŸ˜” Is it that Christ bears the just penalty whenever we fail to do right freely…THAT would be good news?! No? šŸ˜” Is the good news regarding personal responsibility in Christ just that our greater power to do right comes with greater responsibility, that we will be held to a higher standard with respect to judgement? That’s horrible news!! šŸ˜© What if I fail…when I inevitably fail…over and over and over? What then, Gwen? šŸ˜° Either this is the place where you should insert the real good news (Ephesians 2:8-9), undercutting your entire theological system, or else you must be silent, condemning yourself along with your gospel. The real good news is Christ. Nothing about us has ever been our good news.


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