God’s Folly, According To Gwen Shamblin

We have been told since our youth that there are at least three different Greek words for “love”: one denoting friendship, one denoting sensual love, and one denoting unconditional love. There is no shortage of words to denote love. However, Shamblin would have you believe that when it came time for all the New Testament authors to pen their work, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit mind you, they couldn’t recall any of these words; that the failure that they would all have in common (while under the guidance of the Holy Spirit) was a substitution of “believe” (or one of its cognates) with what they really meant but couldn’t find the word for: love. The issue isn’t whether God wants us to love Him. Of course He does. He poured love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The issue is The Gospel. Is God such a poor supervisor of His Word and The Good News that He let all those writing under the supervision of His Spirit mix up “believe” and “love”? This is laughable, folks.

Check for yourself! Find a good bible app or website and search for “believe” in the New Testament. If you substitute “love” for “believe”, as Shamblin suggests doing, do you universally get something that makes more sense? Any sense?


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